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Faith Christian School’s Advocacy Program provides each student with an adult mentor. At the elementary level, each teacher serves as the primary advocate for her students. Connect teachers, campus secretary, and principal will serve as secondary advocates. In the middle school and high school, each homeroom teacher serves as primary advocate to their first period students. Additional staff members, coaches, and student leaders will serve as secondary advocates. 

The mission of the program is to help students grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially by fostering individual as well as community growth.

The goals of the program are to help strengthen both student/teacher relationships and student/student relationships, promote spiritual growth, help students utilize school resources, monitor student academic progress, and foster communication between school and home.


  • To provide a welcoming setting for students at the start of the day – a place to share and pray as a group

  • To model relationship building among students and faculty/staff

  • To foster an environment for academic success

  • To promote a safe environment for discussing Biblical truths

  • To provide and utilize a communication network involving students, parents, and the school

  • To support new students in the transition to Faith Christian School

  • To share God’s word through intentional and spirit-led devotions

  • To monitor students’ grades on an ongoing basis

  • To promote school spirit and identity (sense of belonging) within the school setting

  • To encourage a Godly testimony and witness for Christ


Speak Life Initiatives


Words are NOT neutral. They have power to:

  • Help or Harm

  • Heal or Hurt

  • Encourage or Discourage

The FCS “Speak Life” Campaign is designed to remind students to speak words of encouragement on all occasions and hold students accountable to sharing positive words in our five areas: Spiritual Life, Academics (Classroom), Athletics, (Field/Court), Fine Arts (Stage), Leadership. Words can be spoken and written (Social Media); therefore, students are equipped and challenged to make wise choices with all communication.

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