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Jeremy Jones

Middle School Principal

Welcome to Faith Christian's Middle School!

Grades 6 through 8 are some of the most exciting yet challenging years for students. During these years, our middle school staff seeks to help students understand who God has created them to be. They help students synthesize their learning in a meaningful way, embrace and accept who it is that God has created them to be, and understand what it means to love one another as God has loved us. It is a joy to watch our students enter into the middle school halls as children and leave as young men and women growing in wisdom and knowledge of the Lord.



Middle school at FCS features several means of strategic and responsive initiatives to support student success. Teachers are careful to provide individualized instruction and support. Middle school also offers our students many opportunities to explore their unique, God-given design. 

The middle school course of study is composed of five core courses (Math, Science, Literature, History, and Bible), a computer course, a writing course, physical education and elective options. The diverse middle school elective options seek to meet the various interests and needs of our students.



Our middle school team is well prepared to guide students through the middle school adventure. Learners are given a bit more freedom, from lockers and switching a few classes in 6th grade, to a full and diverse academic schedule in 8th grade—all in an attentive and supporting environment. Participating in the variety of courses and experiences we offer and supported by strong Godly mentors, students are stretched as they are prepared for the next phase of their learning and development in high school. 

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