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All students Pre-K through 5th grade attend a general music class once each week. Students will experience and learn about music through singing, listening and playing instruments. All students participate in a Christmas musical production and a Spring musical production. Students in grades 3-5 are also invited to participate in ASCI Piano Festival each year.

Middle School 

All students in grades 6-8 have the opportunity to explore various topics of music. Students will discover how music functions and impacts our lives and our society while integrating technology. Students also have the opportunity to be a part of our Middle School Praise Team elective where they’ll spend class time preparing for our weekly chapel services. Students who enjoy singing and/or playing instruments are encouraged to join. Middle School students also have the opportunity to participate in the ACSI Piano Festival. 

High School

High School students are offered an Advanced Vocals elective where they are taught voice and music theory. They also participate in ACSI Solo and Ensemble Competition, and other events as they arise.

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