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Rikki Rich

High School Principal 

Welcome to Faith Christian's High School!

Our high school program at FCS features a growing list of diverse opportunities for students to pursue their God-given design. Much more than quality academics, FCS offers students the opportunity to be involved in a loving Christian community of maturing learners and adult teacher/mentors. Research consistently demonstrates that relationships with peers and teachers are primary supports for the personal development of young adults. That’s why we are so committed to nurturing a positive and Godly high school community—one in which our 9th-12th grade students can strongly flourish.

Quality academics are the core around which our high school program is built. In addition to acquiring new knowledge and skills, we believe that a quality education requires that students work diligently to apply what they have learned in earlier years. We do not want to settle for low-level learning where students simply consume information and then give back what the teachers have given them; rather, we encourage our high school students to expand and improve upon what they have already mastered. Likewise, we are committed to providing our students with the opportunity to obtain college credit during their high school years. Through Advanced Placement courses and our dual-enrollment program, FCS students can get a head start on college, opening doors to a second major or even graduating from college a semester or two earlier than normal.

Students at FCS are also afforded a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular options. Whether participating in athletics, joining one of our many student-led clubs/organizations, or creating amazing artwork and music for the Glory of God, our high school aims to provide several avenues for students to hone their leadership skills, foster creative thinking, and learn to work effectively with others. Additionally, community service is a part of our DNA as we aim to give back to the local community and church.

Ultimately, faith development is of primary importance for our high schoolers. We seek to help our students own their faith in preparation for the young adult years, a time when many who grow up in the church unfortunately abandon the faith of their childhood. Through a Biblically-integrated curriculum where the truth of the Bible is the foundation of learning in all subjects, a Christ-honoring school community, and a mentoring approach to student/teacher relationships, we believe that students can graduate from high school with a strong Biblical worldview foundation, well-prepared for the next season of their growth and development as leaders grounded in the unchanging truth of Jesus Christ.

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