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Tuition Schedule

FCS utilizes an all inclusive “one figure” tuition format which embeds the traditional extra fees: Text/Resource Fee, Facility Fee, Art Fee (K-8), Class Dues (6-12), Annual Spiritual Retreat (9-12). This allows our families to spread these extra fees across the 12 month payment plan instead of having to pay the entire fee all at once. A couple of fees still remain outside this format as they are “participation only” fees; i.e.. National Honor Society, Leadership Academy, Athletics.

If you have one child, you will pay the 1st student column amount according to the Grade Level of your child.

Multi-Family Payment Plan:  

Families with multiple children will pay the 1st student column for the oldest child followed by the 2nd student column  according to grade level for 2nd child, followed by the 3rd child column according to grade level for the 3rd child and so forth. Always start with your oldest child and move to your youngest child. 

Payment Plans 


Families who choose the One-Payment Plan, will receive a $75 credit to their account.  Those choosing the Two-Payment Plan, will receive a $50 credit to their account.

A $25 Fee will be charged to change any payment plan once it has been submitted.

Withdrawal Fees

  • Pre-K:  $200

  • Kindergarten:  $350

  • Grades 1-12:  $500

Fees are paid if withdrawal occurs within 30 days of commitment and prior to May 1st.  After May 1st, the withdrawal fee is due at the time of the withdrawal.

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