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Faith Christian School offers a well-rounded college preparatory curriculum with extensive offerings in English Literature/Grammar, History, Mathematics, Science, Foreign language, Theology (Bible), Technology, Physical Education, Fine Arts and relevant electives. From Pre-Kindergarten through High School graduation, students are introduced and educated through the integration of writing skills, technology, critical thinking skills, and problem solving skills across the curriculum. Advanced Placement classes are offered in Biology, Psychology, United States History, Calculus AB, English, Language, World History, European History, Studio Art, and English Literature. The goal of our academic programs is to create innovative thinkers and cultivate leaders who will impact communities and the world. 

The academic program intertwines theory and practice to support a well rounded approach to education. Each student is introduced to global perspectives which promote the understanding of diversity and appreciation of other cultures within a Christian context. Faith Christian school embraces the notion that each student learns differently and develops curricular programs to assist multiple styles of learning. We offer multiple academic tracks to meet the specific needs of each student. Faith Christian School has dual accreditation from AdvancED and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

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