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Drawing and painting are learned skills that allow everyone from the quietest kids to the most outgoing to express themselves in beautiful and unique ways. In art class, students will study specific elements of art including line value, texture, shape, form, space, color and many more. Most of our class work will be project based. Projects will range from several days to several weeks.


Each project will be designed to teach a specific art element as well as teach the students to think creatively and to express ideas and emotions through their artwork. Students will use a wide variety of media including pencil, oil pastels, chalk pastels, watercolor, acrylics, color pencil, and some three dimensional materials.


Creative problem solving and design based projects will also be part of our curriculum. The skills learned in art can help students in every aspect of their education as well as create a life long love and appreciation for the beauty of God’s creation and man’s creative endeavors.

At the high school level, students are offered Art I, II, III and AP for more advanced creative opportunities. 

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