Physical Science
This course is an introduction to the disciplines of physics and chemistry. This class provides a foundation for subsequent science courses, including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Students will learn basic information regarding matter and measurements, and then students will progress to key principles and scientific laws of physics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, sound, light, and optics. 
This class will include scientific investigation using the microscope to learn the microscopic “world of life”. All cellular structure and functions will be included. Students will discover how the “tiny” cell carries out similar functions to that of each of the body systems. On-line activities will complement classroom content as well as hands-on activities that illustrate the concepts being studied. 
Advanced Chemistry
This course provides the student with general chemistry concepts and principles. Topics covered include energy and matter, the structure of matter, the periodic table, chemical formulas and bonding, molecular geometry, chemical reactions and equations. Students will apply the scientific method in laboratory and hands-on activities and mathematical computations will be required. Students must have basic algebra skills in order to be successful. 
Honors Chemistry
Honors Chemistry is an in-depth study of atomic structure and function, energy, the periodic table, chemical formula and reaction stoiciometry, solutions, acids and bases, and equilibrium. Lecture classes will be complemented by laboratory work, emphasizing classroom content. Each student must be proficient in math and problem solving. 
Honors Anatomy and Physiology
This general level course covers a systematic exploration of all the structures and functions of the human body, God’s ultimate creation, with an eye toward understanding the integration of each part to the whole. The college level text supplemented with PowerPoint presentations and videos of actual structures compliment the teacher/student classroom experience. Students are supported in their individual study through the use of dedicated online support and a coloring book designed to further enhance the learner's understanding. Labs and demonstrations give the opportunity for hands-on experience and group interaction. 
AP Biology
The AP Biology course is designed as an introductory, college-level course. Through lecture, web-based activities, Internet research, and laboratories students receive a unique prospective in God’s logical design of the biological world and the interactions therein. Topics such as ecology, biochemistry, metabolism, evolution and creation, genetics, as well as the interaction, structure and function of plants and animals are discussed throughout the year. Students must have completed biology with a grade of an A in order to participate in this class. Students can expect one hour of homework each night as well as some independent study on topics. 

The Physics course is designed as an introductory, college-level course.

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