Fifth Grade

The Bible work text, Christ and My Choices, is an overview of the Old Testament through a study of individuals who made choices to either obey or disobey God. It is designed to help students learn and develop Christ-like character traits. It is also designed to help students accept their responsibility in obedience to God. Bible lessons are taught daily except for Wednesday, which is reserved for Chapel. Scripture memorization is a part of the week’s lesson as memorizing leads to learning which in turn leads to “hiding God’s Word in our heart.” 
Language, spoken and written, is the way people communicate. The ability to use language correctly aids in sharing information and thoughts in an effective manner. God’s Gift of Language B provides an in depth study of grammar which helps students express themselves clearly and creatively. The study of grammar logically precedes writing, for to write well, students must first understand the orderly structure of sentences, paragraphs, and stories. This orderliness is parallel to God’s orderly plan for the world and our lives. The study of language reinforces the fact that God is not the author of confusion!
Math is another of God’s gifts to man in which He shows His order, structure, and absolute truth. The textbook, published by ABeka, reviews and teaches mathematical concepts that will help students progress to higher levels of understanding. Students will complete lessons daily in order to encourage consistent work habits and train the intellect. Speed drills are also given to promote speed and accuracy. The students will master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers. Other concepts learned include measurement, both English and metric, algebraic equations, decimals, graphs, scale drawings, and geometry. 
Reading is crucial to learning. Reading for Christian Schools 5 provides an excellent approach to further develop the students’ reading skills. A systematic approach to phonics is used to aid the students in decoding words, but a greater emphasis is placed on comprehension. The students are guided through the four levels of comprehension – literal, interpretive, critical, and appreciative- through class discussions, work in small groups, and individual practice in the student worktext. Study skills are taught to enhance comprehension, and opportunities for creative writing are provided to correlate with language. Most importantly, Biblical principles and Godly character traits are integrated throughout the lessons. The basal reader exposes the students to a wide selection of wholesome literature from each genre. This not only appeals to all students, but also helps develop and maintain an interest in and a love for reading.
This teacher made spelling curriculum promotes excellence in spelling by presenting both practical and challenging words in lists that correlate with the reading curriculum. The lists repeatedly require the use of four basic spelling rules. The repeated and successful practice of the rules builds a foundation on which the students can become better spellers. The vocabulary section of each list provides opportunities for the students to explore the dictionary and learn to use it efficiently. It also helps them appreciate the dictionary as a useful tool in writing and learning more about the English language. The students’ spoken and written vocabulary is expanded and improved as they learn to use words according to their definition and part of speech. Each list is accompanied by an activity sheet with various types of assignments that encourage the students to use and write the words in different ways.
Throughout the textbook, Science5, published by Christian Schools International, students study the wonders of God’s creation. The students read exciting facts about cells and heredity, body systems, plants, insects, geology, light, and matter. As fifth graders, the students are encouraged
to discover God’s truths through hands-on experiments and projects. They learn that God has created everything in an orderly fashion and has given all of his creation a purpose on this earth. The fifth grade science curriculum helps the students develop a better understanding of our great God, who created and sustains all that we see and have.
Heritage Studies 5 engages fifth graders in learning about their nation and events that have happened in the world that have impacted our nation. By studying the history of the world and the features of the earth, the students can see illustrations of God’s wisdom, omnipotence, sovereignty, and benevolence. History and geography are studied along with Christian philosophy, character, and attitudes to provide a balanced approach to social studies.

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