First Grade

The students in first grade will use the ACSI Bible curriculum. There is an overall theme "God's Gift to Me" that the students will explore throughout the year. The main focus of the gifts will be in the areas of family, friends, leaders, salvation and the church. They will also be required to memorize and say a weekly Bible verse that is related to the particular Bible topic of that week.
The students in first grade will use the ABEKA 1 math curriculum. The students will memorize and put into practice math facts and concepts in each lesson. There will be four main themes throughout the year to make learning math a fun adventure. The students will also see how important numbers are to God and the part they played in the very creation of the world. The students will participate in daily speed drills and math seatwork that will strengthen their knowledge of the materials being covered. The students will also take a weekly test to check on their mastery of all material that has been learned.
The students in first grade will use the CSI science curriculum. It focuses on the fact that God's creation of this earth and everything in it is perfectly planned and custom designed. By discovering living and non-living things, plants, animals, water, air, sun, moon, stars, weather, growth and machines; the students will come to a realization and appreciation of God's remarkable planning, reason and order in the realm of science.
The first grader will use the "Writing with Phonics" textbook. It is designed to give the student daily practice in developing their manuscript handwriting. It is correlated with the basic phonics rules to help them apply all the phonics rules as they practice correct writing formation. They will have the opportunity to write verses from the Bible as weekly assignments. They will realize that God has used writing as a powerful tool to reach man with the message he has for them.
The students will learn the basic rules of phonics and language through the use of "Letters and Sounds" book 1. There will be a daily phonics lesson taught with the emphasis on particular rules of special phonetic sounds and grammar, and their application in the English language. As the children begin to familiarize themselves with the different phonetic sounds, they will then be able to use this as a springboard into the world of reading.
Reading is the foundation for first grade. The children will take the phonetic rules learned and apply them to sounds that are in words, beginning with one-vowel words and then moving on to two-vowel words. The daily reading assignments are correlated with the phonics that is presented in class. The children will be evaluated at the beginning of the school year and selected to go into a particular reading group based on their present reading ability. The class will then be divided into reading groups and will read up to ten books before the school year is complete. The purpose of the reading program is to give children confidence in their reading and help make their love for reading grow. The children will read stories in which they will recognize Christian virtues and positive character traits.
The students in first grade will use the ABEKA, "My America and My World", curriculum. They will be introduced to the people and freedoms that make our country a great place to live. They will learn about many beautiful places in America that make up the landscape of our country. They will also be exposed to different countries in the world and learn about the various cultures that will whet their appetites for studies in these areas in later years. Most importantly, the students will see how God has been a major influence in the forming of this great nation and world. There are no tests taken in history, but daily activities and various projects will be assigned that will directly tie into the studies.
The students in first grade will use the ABEKA Spelling curriculum. Spelling is taught during the class phonics time. Students are taught one spelling lesson per week. The phonics rules are emphasized in each word, as the words in each lesson are examples of the phonics rules at the beginning of the lesson. The students will review spelling words daily in seatwork. The students will be tested on their spelling skills each week.

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